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Many of you may have read my previous #blog post, “Plumping the Punim with PRP,“ about the #prp #microneedling #facial, that I tried out a couple of months ago at Tribeca Med Spa. I had two treatments with UVA and was so pleased with the results . Unfortunately, their hours are not convenient, due to my work schedule.

Since I was addicted to this skin rejuvenating treatment, I began to search for an alternative reputable practitioner. Can you guess where I found my new “go to“ PRP place? For those who have been reading my blog, you will know the answer is always going to be #groupon. Before I booked, I decided to do my due diligence and investigate some places that offered this treatment. After much research, I chose Machisimo Wellness Center.

The owner’s name is Mike (Moshe) Hen , but his clients refer to him as “Dr Mike” . I began stalking his Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel . He has tons of videos , before and after pics, testimonials and inspirational quotes posted on his pages . My kind of guy . When I messaged him to inquire about his hours, he asked me to call him to discuss different options . I highly recommend speaking with him before you book so he may point you in the right direction. He is very knowledgeable on the skin and I immediately felt comfortable booking with him .

Machisimo Wellness Center is located inside a giant hair salon in Sunny Isles . He had to relocate from his original location due to a fire. He is temporarily utilizing space in the salon until he finds another dedicated location in this area since he has built up a nice following here .

I arrived for my appointment, and was escorted to the back of the salon where Dr Mike‘s treatment rooms and office are located.

In addition to having his certifications hanging on his walls , I noticed certifications from the Proctor Gallagher Institute. This really impressed me. For those who do not know who Bob Proctor is, he is an expert in the Law of Attraction, as seen in the movie The Secret. He is also a world renowned personal and business coach. I am a firm believer in The Secret and knowing that Dr Mike and I were on the same path, gave me an instant comfort level before he even began treatment. In addition to being skin rejuvenation expert, Mike Hen is a Proctor Gallagher consultant. In other words, I am in First Grade of self improvement and awareness. Mike has his "PHD".

Mike studied at Ben Gurion university in Israel. It is a well known fact that Israel is head and shoulders ahead of any other country when it comes to technology medical or otherwise. I was happy to begin treatment by one of my peeps !

Yes I know I digress , but I wanted you to get a feel for the man that owns Machisimo Wellness Centers. Wouldn’t you want to put your skin on the hands of a man that is highly educated, is an innovator and is constantly learning about the latest technology regarding skin rejuvenation ?

"Machisimo" Mike at work

Mike welcomed me into the treatment room and began by asking me questions. I told him I had done PRP before. He asked how deep they went . I had no clue . He said he intended to go between 1-3 mm deep depending on the area . He also told me he WOULD NOT be using numbing cream . Not gonna lie, this freaked me out BUT I had a weird trust for a guy I had just met so I just went for it . Mike explained to me the reasoning behind not using numbing cream. While he went into detail as to why, I’m going to give you the abridged version. Mike is all about working in harmony with the body . He believes that when the “activators” or nerve endings are numb, the body doesn't respond by releasing the full amount of growth factors. Therefore the numbing prevents the full healing process , because the nerve endings are not fully detecting the trauma to the skin. This prevents the body to go into full force repair mode. Mike likes to see how much each patient can tolerate naturally. From what I have read, the numbing cream doesn’t really work as well when the treatment goes as deep as it should so there really is no need. What I like about Mike is that he does not take the PRP Micro-needling ”cookie cutter“ approach . He is constantly researching and learning in order to develop unique techniques to bring his patients the optimal results that they seek. Most practitioners use the Dermapen for the micro-needling. Mike has developed his own device which releases the serum during the micro-needling process which pushes the product deeper into the skin. See below video for a detailed explanation.

Mike using his Patent Pending Micro- Needling device

He started by applying a serum that HE developed onto my skin. I honestly believe that the serum reduced the pain, since although he was going deep with the micro-needling tool , I found it bearable . This experience was different to my prior experience since Mike included my eyelids and lips in the treatment . He also went right under the eye with the tool. As I wrote in my previous blog , the blood is taken from the arm and spun in order to separate the Platelet Rich Plasma from the blood. The micro-needling device creates thousands of tiny punctures in the skin so that the skin readily accepts the Plasma . The“trauma”caused by the micro-needling encourages collagen production and healing . One of the reasons this facial works so well is because it works naturally with your body. Your skin will readily accept a serum that contains growth factors that are not foreign. You are infusing your own plasma into your skin and using your own blood for the final mask. While my goal was a more youthful appearance and smoother skin , Micro-needling is also proven effective to improve acne scars, micro-pigmentation, and reduce blackheads. Little did I know, but PRP treatments are also used to treat hair loss, one of ”Machisimo Mike‘s” expertise.

Mike also added stem cells to my treatment .

The final step was the "Blood Mask" which is left on for ten minutes . The blood used was my blood that had been separated from my plasma . In my life I have had a gazillion facials and masks . Who knew my own blood would have the strongest tightening affect !! Once the mask was applied, he talked me through some visualizations and affirmations. ”Visualize your face with the skin you always dreamed of” .You know I was visualizing Heidi Klum, her skin AND her body. #goals. Since I was going there , I may as well shoot for the stars!!!

Left: Blood Mask Right: One hour post treatment.No make-up, no filter.

After ten minutes Dr Mike cleaned off my bloody face . My skin was tingling . He showed me the results . After one treatment , I could see the softening of lines . I felt the tightening immediately and my skin felt like a baby’s tush. I knew to expect redness and itching which dissipates after a day or so . I was very pleased with the results and even decided to purchase the serum, developed by Mike and used during the treatment, since I loved the way it felt on my skin. His Collagenics Anti-Aging Serum contains Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Stem Cells,D.M.A.E and other ingredients that have proven healing affects on the skin. When I told Mike I would be sharing my "Machisimo" experience on my blog, He shared with me some exciting news. He was contacted by the research department of the University of Miami. They invited him to address the department, since they were interested in learning about his anti-aging formulations, and about his very unique approach to micro-needling and PRP since while there are many PRP practitioners out there, the results he achieves are quite extraordinary. I guess I made the right choice! Am I good or what? #notsponsored

Mike explained that the Collagen production peaks in week 4, then begins to decline which is why you should space out PRP treatments every 4-6 weeks . He explained A LOT more to me . I wish I had taken notes but rest assured , I will be grilling him when I go for my next treatment . I'm truly intrigued by all the nonsurgical options that are becoming available for the purchase of keeping a youthful appearance. I’d take a little micro-needling pain any day over recovery from surgery . No down time , no anesthesia =no-brainer for me!!! Since I see my skin in the mirror everyday, I notice small improvements in appearance and feel of my skin. When I look at pictures of myself from years ago I can really notice differences in my skin since I've made the changes in my skin protocol. When EVERY SINGLE TIME you get a facial, the aesthetician mentions how nice your skin is, rather than pushing products, you know you're doing something right. Not to mention hearing from friends "you've never looked better" . I'll take it!

Day after Micro-needling with PRP by Machisimo Mike, no make-up, no filter

5 days later, first time putting make-up on. No filter.

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