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What if I told you you can wake up in the morning looking bright eyed and refreshed? You can feel confident being seen out in public with a bare minimum of make up . Many of my girlfriends have admitted to sleeping with their make up on and waking up extra early to reapply when first spending the night with a new beau , as to not scare the crap out of him when he first sees their bare face. I know, I know that’s just absurd. What man can be that shallow ? Well in order to ease these baseless concerns many women have , I personally have found the solution. I am here to thank the person who invented #eyelashextensions. These are not the false eyelashes your grandmother used . There is no risk of gluing your eyelids together. Let’s face it. Those lash strips look ridiculous. Nowadays lash extensions are individual lashes applied by a professional. Many of you have all already heard about this lash miracle but I wanted to share my personal 5 plus year experience to help you avoid the mistakes I have made , and to help you choose the lashes which will work best for your life style .

When I lived in New York I made the mistake of looking for the best eyelash deal I could find . Salons that apply eyelash extensions are a dime a dozen in New York . Sounds great and convenient right ? WRONG! How many times have I heard “ Oh I stopped getting my eyelash extensions because they destroyed my lashes “ . Come to think of it, I may have expressed that very sentiment. What I later learned was that cheap glue and lashes coupled with lash technicians that are clueless are the culprit!

I moved to Miami in August 2015 and decided to give lash extensions another shot since I really loved how they opened my eyes. I still wasn’t satisfied with the results even after trying several types. They looked great for a minute , and when they fell out it was like my natural lashes were non existent .

I wasn’t ready to give up on #glam and continued my search for the ultimate lash practitioner. One day it happened !My lash life changed when I found #Studioluxe in #Aventura on #Groupon .

The reviews were excellent so I decided to try them out . The offer was for the Ellipse HD lashes . I tried them out and they looked fabulous, but to be honest I’m a little rough on my lashes so they didn’t last as long as I would have liked . Diana , the owner checked in on me and I told her the lashes were falling out . She told me to come in and she would personally fill them in for free. When I came in I asked her if I should give my lashes a break . Maybe they were too weak to hold the lashes ? Diana told me the lashes she applied would in no way damage my natural lashes . She confirmed my “get what you pay for” suspicions . She assured me that the lashes and technicians in her salon were top notch. I have been using Diana @studioluxe in Aventura Fl since May 2017.

Not a stitch of makeup!

Obviously my natural lashes are still in tact since if they were weakened by the extensions, they would not be able to hold the new extensions. Diana suggested I try Novalashes . Since I am very active, and lord knows I like my facials and time in the steam room the Novalashes were the best option to weather the storm otherwise known as my life . Unlike other lashes , they can be wet immediately as oppposed to having to wait 24 hours . They can withstand steam, swimming , sweating etc. I am officially obsessed. Studioluxe is the only salon in Miami trained to apply Novalashes. The full set will take about 2 hrs to apply so bring headphones ! ive actually heard snoring in the salon when clients fell asleep during the process . Fill ins take about 45 minutes to an hour. My warning to you is once you start you will be hooked . But do it for yourselves, not for anyone else !


Lashes on Fleek!


My #lashes held up to a full day at the #spa #sauna #steamroom experience showers #hammam . Only @novalashusa #novalashes hold up ! And @studioluxeaventura is the only place to get them in #miami!! #lashesonfleek#lash #addict

So to sum up:

Rule #1- Don't bargain hunt when it comes to lashes. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! This is not a cup of coffee, this is your eyes! Take it from one who already made that mistake!

Rule #2 -Do your research to decide which lashes will work best for you.

Below link contains some basic info on the various lash options.

Rule # 3- Communicate with your lash technician. You can go super #glam or very #natural. Personally I go for the #drama but to each is own! Once you find what you like ask the technician what length and what type of "curl" she used.

I am a huge advocate for Novalash®. These lashes are life changing!

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