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Updated: Nov 5, 2018

The Fontainebleau Hotel has been a fixture on Miami Beach since 1954. It remains as one of the oldest, most iconic and luxurious hotels in South Florida. It has been a #fanfavorite for celebrities now and back then. When you walk through the hallway which leads to the valet there are several pictures of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other members of the "rat pack"

The following link contains the rich history of The Fontainebleau https://fontainebleau.com/about/miami-beach-resort-history

Oh Frankie ...There will never be another. I want one of these pictures on my wall!

Back in the day my parents would only stay at the Fontainebleau and I had followed in their footsteps. Now that I live in Miami I still visit frequently, either to dine, drink or enjoy a #spaday which includes access to their world famous pool area and fitness center.

Follow me as I take you on a tour of the Fontainebleau.

When I first moved to #miami , I decided to take advantage of #miamispa. If you live, or are visiting Miami during the month of July and August , you will be able to find some crazy offers on #spatreatments in some of the most #luxurious spas in Miami. Fortunately, #Lapisspa at The Fontainebleau participates in Miami Spa , and after one visit, I was hooked .


As a #spaaddict I will always check out spas whenever I travel, and I must say Lapis Spa is one of my favorites. I’ve visited several times and have tried difference treatments. It took a few visits to realize you have to start relatively early if you want to get the full Fontainebleau experience. I usually go on Sundays , so that would be 10am for me .

A great start to the day is always a trip to their #worldclass fitness center . If you book a Spa service you will have access to the gym. They also offer several very reasonable personal training packages. You are granted access to Lapis Spa if you book a training session so it’s well worth it . This stunning view and some great music will get you pumped for some hard core exercise.

I will usually head to the Spa after working out for a relaxation and a treatment . I always love to soak in their ESSENCE MINERAL CO-ED JETTED POOL. You will feel relaxed in seconds , and your skin will feel soft from the minerals .

The lounges are super comfy . I actually fell asleep once! The great thing is since it’s co-ed, you can share your Spa Experience with your other half .

Some time walking through the ELEMENTS RAIN TUNNEL is a must , and then under the ENERGY DELUGE SHOWERS on the way to the EUCALYPTUS INFUSED STEAM ROOM.

10-15 minutes in the Jacuzzi never hurt anyone !

Taking advantage of the Spa facilities is the perfect way to get ready for the Spa service . My personal fav is the “ Triple Cleansing Facial” which is a deep cleansing facial which includes extractions, and exfoliating, followed by a mask and skin projection . I always walk out of there glowing.

Weather permitting, I’ll always make some pool time . Can you blame me ? The pool area is massive . The main pool can become a little “ cray cray” but there are many more quiet areas if you just want to chill.

You know I always manage to fit food into the equation, and LA COTE has it all . Great food with a great view . Many healthy options are offered.


Healthy, fresh tuna salad with avocado ... #delish

Topped off with some #adultbeverages , refreshing #mojitos

Why not enjoy a beautiful poolside sunset? Trust me, I am never in a rush to leave The Fontainebleau!

Stay tuned for a future blog on the restaurants and nightlife that are part of the Fontainebleu property. I did not want to overwhelm you!

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