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Since I was a kid I have been #obsessed with scents. One of my friends used to say "you must have been called smelly when you were little". Hmm that may have brought on my addiction in adulthood. Who knows. Kids can be so cruel!I now have one closet in my home that if you open it the #scents will engulf you. It has been a fun and costly obsession that I have not been able to break so why not share?

Recently I took a trip to my hometown of New York. I had lunch with one of my

#metrosexual buddies who I call the #fragrance #connoisseur . He asked if I would like to accompany him to the newly renovated frangrance section of #saksfifthave. Hmm let me think...OK!!!

First stop..Le Labo. He first introduced me to this brand when he sent me a bottle of Rose 31. Yum. I had finished the bottle and little did I know #lelabo allows you to bring in your bottle and refill it for 20% off. Unfortunately I did not have the bottle, but since my friend was such a good customer the sales associate dug a bottle up. Its a very #feminine fragrance that stops people to ask "what are you wearing?" Another #fanfavorite is Santal 33. The beauty of Le Labo is that the formulations are fresh, bottled while you wait. No worries that you are buying a bottle off the shelf that may have been sitting for 6-12 months! I'm a fan. The also custom package the bottle and guess what I chose..#followthetoes.


You would think we would have been done but since Le Labo was packaging my fragrance Robin led me right across the way, to another fragrance experience. I am not using the word #experience lightly! #Floraiku..wow. In the USA, only available at Saks Fifth Ave in #nyc. First the fragrance expert invited us to their #teaceremony. offered us a seat and a cup of tea with a biscotti. Then the fragrance journey begins. She presented each scent to us with the story. The scents are meant to be coupled so following my selections she coupled them up. Floraiku calls this #SHADOWING". The light and dark "shadows" are applied on either side of the body so the fragrances may be experienced side by side. Rather than pushing me to buy something she gave me some samples of what I selected so I can see which combination I like best on my body. I have never seen such exquisite packaging. The brand is #asian inspired as seen in their bottles. The fragrance #bentobox includes a full size bottle and a travel size. Both are refillable. My personal favs were #cricketsong "shadowed" with #betweentwotrees. I was intrigued. You will be as well!


Below is a great article from one of my favorite blogs #popsugar


It's all about the presentation but the scents are YUM!

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