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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

It started at Le Zoo in Bal Harbour. I had become friends with Maricela, the girl who represents the owner of the apartment I am renting, and she invited me for a lunch event sponsored by Cellcosmet Skincare. Since summer is off season for real estate in Miami, Maricela decided to work at Cellcosmet in Saks since she had been using the product. I had no intention of purchasing anything . I was there to support my friend.

As the yummy food was served, The Cellcosmet representative walked us through the product line, explaining what each product does, and when each should be used in a skin regimen.

Cellcosmet is a line of skincare developed in Switzerland. The scientists incorporate live cells in varying amounts, into every product . Products are geared towards different age groups since there are different needs. Products for younger skin contain a lower amount of live cells and vice versa. Scientists had been working for decades on stabilizing cells, and then worked towards using this technology in cosmetics. Since the skin is a living organ, it seemed obvious that a cosmetic application based on cellular science should be possible. Read more about the fascinating science and technology behind Cellcosmet here :


I was seated across from this beautiful Latin woman. We started chatting,and when she told me she was pushing 60, I almost fell off my chair. Her skin was flawless and she could have easily passed for low to mid 40's. She told me she had been using Sisley for years and was introduced to Cellcosmet at an event. After sampling the product line she switched over to Cellcosmet and has been using much of the product line ever since. I believe I can decipher between skin has had “help”, and naturally youthful skin. If her skin was a result of injectables, which she denied , I need the number of her surgeon. Maricela’s skin also looks much younger than her actual age.

Seeing all the youthful skin around me made me start to consider the product despite the fact that there was no product pushing during the luncheon . It was more of a ”thank you” to existing clients and a welcoming of Maricela to the Cellcosmet team. Before I left , they handed me a gift and a coupon for a facial treatment. Smart move.That’s how they roped me in ! Once I felt the product on my skin there was no going back .

The product line runs in the price points you’d see in La Mer and Sisley so I wasn’t ready to go all in right away .

Maricela suggested I start with one or two products. Her recommendation was the Cellteint, a tinted moisturizer which can be used as a foundation but doubles as a treatment. I also complained of constant under-eye puffiness, so Maricela suggested the Cellcosmet Ultra Eye Serum . I keep it in the fridge and it definitely reduces puffiness. I notice the difference when I look at pictures. I no longer look like I haven’t slept in days even when I haven’t !

I had received a Saks gift card with this initial purchase so I decided to use it towards the cleanser and toner. The beautiful Latina had raved over those two items and I was running out of my cleanser so I decided to try them out. I began to notice my skin looked smoother,brighter, and felt softer. As months passed by I became more and more addicted to Cellcosmet,and I have now incorporated many of their products into my skin care regimen. The most cost effective way to purchase Cellcosmet is in gift sets, since it comes out less expensive than purchasing each item individually. Saks regularly has such offers. #notsponsored.

When I was younger , I was able to get away with drug store skin care. As I noticed changes of my skin with age I upgraded to more gentle and natural products, but it was only recently that I took the plunge into luxury skin care I had believed that expensive skin care was a marketing ploy and you can get the same results from cheap drugstore brands . I still believe that to be true in some cases. I have tried samples of other luxury brands that did not seem any better than products that were a fraction of the cost. I have had skin issues over the years like sensitivity, sun damage, aging, etc. What I learned was that when it comes to skincare, not all products are created equal.

The science behind Cellcosmet is what I believe differentiates this skincare line from the other luxury skincare lines. I was intrigued so I read up on how the products were developed.

(See above link). I would not have believed it, had I not seen the effects on my skin for myself.

I think it’s worth repeating that they are pretty smart at the Cellcosmet counter at Saks. Not only do they offer a complimentary facial , no purchase necessary, but they give you samples to try different products. This is how I graduated from two products to several . They don’t need to pressure you. All they have to do to hook you is to get you to try their products. The products speak for themselves and once you see the changes in your skin you will not use anything else. I highly recommend a Cellcosmet facial. I was fortunate to be invited by Cellcosmet to receive a facial by their top Aesthetician based out of Chicago, Eleni Georgakopulos, who is also a pediatrician. She also trains cosmeticians at the G Skin Beauty Institute. https://gskinbeautyinstitute.edu/ #notsponsored

This woman in her 60's, had not one wrinkle. I asked if we could video it because I really wanted to know more details about each product and how they should be used. The best way to use the product is to have Eleni move in with you and massage the product into your skin daily. It was pure heaven. Even helped my sinuses. Eleni was beyond knowledgeable on the Cellcosmet product line. I'm glad I have all the info on video. No worries, I plan to share! #sharingiscaring

After the fabulous facial by Leni, No makeup, No filter #thisis51

By coincidence, I happened to share a clip from the facial. A friend of mine from High School say it and commented that she has used the Cellcosmet product line for ten years, and even shared the exact products she used. I had wondered how she looked so great, exactly the same as when we we were High School. Better hair of course :). You gotta love the 80s! I thought maybe good genes, but the secret is out. Her fountain of youth was Cellcosmet!

Yes, Cellcosmet is a luxury skincare line. A little product goes a long way. I always say the reason men should be paying for dinner, is because woman have to pay for skincare. C'mon guys, you know you want your women to look good! Plus it will save you money in the long run. Going under the knife is way more expensive, and definitely more painful! No downtime with Cellcosmet!


Here is my Cellcosmet skin regimen :


1. Gentle Purifying Cleanser -my skin is oiliest I’m the morning so this cleanser is perfect

2. Tonique Actif-Tones and exfoliates. Your skin will immediately feel refreshed.

3.Activator Gel-prepares the skin for moisturizer and make up

4. Cellultra Eye Serum- keep it in the fridge. Reduces puffiness .

5. Cellteint-shade #3-tinted moisturizer/foundation. No need for additional moisturizer.


1.Gentle Cream cleanser - great for makeup removal. My good friend Vikki was always the makeup removal police. When we did a summer share together in Fire Island, she would always make sure all the girls removed their makeup. Being too tired, or too drunk was not an acceptable excuse. I thank her today for her vigilance!

2. Tonique Actif-Toner

3. Ultra Vital moisturizer

4.Cellutra Eye Serum

3x a week

Exfoliant dual action

2x a week

Anti Stress Mask.

This is #notsponsored but I will leave you with the contact info for my friend Maricela who works out of Saks in Bal Harbour, but can ship anywhere. Best is she always throws in gifts and free samples. Great way to test a product before purchasing!

Her contact info is 305-790-6860


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