Carefree at the Carillon

I discovered The Carillon Miami Beach Spa and wellness resort during Miami Spa a year ago. If you live in Miami and don’t know what Miami Spa month is , Google is your friend . OK , I’ll save you the the trouble . Every year in Miami, during the months of July and August , some of the top spas offer deeply discounted spa treatments , including use of their fabulous facilities. Since Sundays are my designated #meday, i tried out a different Spa every week. Some came up short but The Carillon exceeded my expectations. A friend had mentioned that The Carillon had formerly been the world renowned Canyon Ranch Spa so I knew I was in for a treat . The good news is The Carillon offers special Spa Packages through November 19th!

After my first visit to the Carillon I was hooked . Let me take you on my journey discovering all the amenities The Carillon has to offer .

Following a quick check in , a spa attendant gives you a brief tour of all the locker room and #wetlounge . You can spend hours there before and after your #spatreatment. I should know since I made sure to take advantage of every inch of the Spa !

I soaked my feet in the foot #jacuzzi, sweated out #toxins in the #finnish #sauna and #crystal #steamroom .

My personal fav was the #herbal Laconium which is their version of a #hammam .

I know what you’re thinking . “ you live in Miami , why would you need to sit in a humid room, just go outside “ . Honestly , I don’t have an answer but the Laconium has hint of #fragrance that just relaxes you . You need to try it to understand .

There are also several #experience showers, lounges and a full body #jacuzzi . I say “ full body” , because you can actually lie down on the jets to get a full body massage .


Last but certainly not least The Igloo. the name says it all. It’s a cold room that has 3 different setting that release a #fragrant #coolmist . The Igloo actually saved my life . It may sound like I’m being melodramatic, but for anyone who has come close to, or has fainted you understand the scary feeling. I made the mistake of spending too much time in the hot rooms , on an empty stomach . Clearly I did not drink enough water to re-hydrate. When the wave of dizziness came upon me I could not make it stop . One of the guests called over the lovely spa attendants who I now refer to as my nurses . They brought me a bag ice to put under my head and suggested once I was able to get up to go sit in the Igloo. I was overheated and dehydrated, but after sitting in the igloo I started to feel like myself again . Much better option than calling the paramedics! Thank you my #carillon nurses !

Feeling like an Eskimo in the Igloo!

The #luxury spa experience does not end here . Now for the treatments . Having visited The Carillon on several occasions, , I have tried many of the treatments including massages, body scrubs and facials . The Carillon Couture facial was my favorite as the aesthetician examined my skin and discussed what type of facial would work best for my skin type . I liked the Body Scrub as well. Had it been my first body scrub, I would have rated it excellent but I admit I was spoiled after having a similar treatment at #thesetai in #southbeach. The Couture Massage, which is a basic Swedish Massage was just OK. To be fair , I intend to try it again with a different therapist . My biggest issue was that a 50 minutes massage was actually 40 minutes . The therapist had good technique but I felt the massage was rushed . He picked me up late and then waited a full 5 minutes to come back into the room . Here’s a clue , it does not take 5 minutes to remove a robe . Even at my age :). Then he finishes at exactly 50 minutes after the hour. This has always been a #petpeeve of mine . Ok #rantover !

Weather permitting, I always make my way up to the #rooftop #adultsonly #pool and #jacuzzi. The view is simply gorgeous and it’s another great amenity included in a #spaday at The Carillon .

You can’t beat the view !!!


Ok here comes the confession. I have not YET gotten my lazy arse to the state of the art #workout facilities but didn’t I get a nice picture ? I’ll get there , I promise!

Finally, I always end my #sundayfunday #spaday by grabbing a bite at The Strand. After 4 pm is happy hour and the Carillon offere a 20% discount when you buy the special package available until Novemeber 19!

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