Botox for the Locks !

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

So what is hair Botox? It's not what you think. No, they do not inject hair follicles with Botulism. Nor do they apply a botulinum toxin infused serum onto your strands. The reason they coined this treatment as "Botox" is simply because just like Botox works by relaxing the muscles and smoothing skin, “hair Botox” works by filling in individual fibers of hair to help give hair a healthy look. Hair Botox smooths the hair, giving it shine, and reduces frizz. This treatment will reduce styling time, making your hair maintenance life sooo much easier! Clever huh!

Brenda's Hair Artistry!

Hair Botox is actually a deep conditioning treatment. There are different formulations as to the ingredients used, but most will contain a cocktail of different vitamins and collagen complexes which coat and fill the strands, making your "locks" more shiny and lustrous.

Hair Botox is not only for curly hair. My hair has very little natural waves these days but had been looking dead. My #hair has endured a lot of #wearandtear from #highlights and such .

Before Hair Botox, Elvis still loves me!

I was thinking about #keratin but wanted to avoid chemicals . Keratin treatments often contain Formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen...NO BUENO! I’ve been reading about #hairbotox which is a much #healthier option so I decided to try it . While the effects for a Keratin treatment may last longer, I prefer to go the healthier route. Hair Botox will last 2-4 months. It is important to to use a low, or sulfate free shampoo to get longer lasting results.

One week post Hair Botox, Literally blew by hair for 3 minutes, no product!

As usual, I searched Groupon since I always like to try a place out before I commit. Having said that, you should ALWAYS research a business before selecting them for a service. I first came across Hair by Hisham. Reviews looked good, so I purchased, and scheduled an appointment. When I got there, the stylist said it would be an extra $40 bucks since my hair was longer than shoulder length. Really? I know , I know, she has to use sooo much more product and take sooo much more time for that extra couple of inches. Well it did say there "may be a surcharge" in teensy weensy fine print. Never mentioned how much though. Since I don't do petty, I walked out and cancelled the Groupon. This mishap turned out to be a blessing since I found a fabulous place for the treatment...Richy Hair Boutique. My stylist,Brenda came in on a Sunday to accommodate my schedule and she was excellent. #notsponsored

Brenda, An artist at work!

Brenda explained the treatment to me step by step. First a shampoo, then she sectioned my hair so that she could apply the treatment strand by strand. She let the treatment sit on my hair for about 30 minutes , blow dried it and then straightened it with a flat iron. The best was playing #jewish #geography with my #brooklyn girl. I made a friend as an added bonus to the fabulous hair!

Walla! Hair Botox completed! Painless and my hair feels like silk!

All I can say is #wow ! #miami peeps Richy Hair Boutique is the place to go. I #love how my hair looks and had a blast chatting with my fellow #brooklyn girl ! #5stars #fivestars #miamilife #hairgoals #followthetoe #notsponsored

One month after hair Botox, 5 minutes with blow dryer, no products!

7 weeks after hair Botox, air dried, no products!

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