Back Issues + Pilates Reformer = ♥

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

I’ve always had #backissues and about 6 or so years ago I had the worst #sciatica I have ever experienced.

Anyone who has experienced #backpain knows exactly what I’m talking about . I worked a show in#Vegas and it was so bad that after the show every day I went up to my room and soaked in a bath rather than going out . Very unlike me ! Once I recovered , my physical therapist recommended #pilates . It lengthens the #muscles and is an excellent #coreworkout .

Thank G-d with regular #core work I’ve been able to keep the sciatica in check!

Today I had a great#pilatesreformer class @renegadepilatesmiami . Galina is an excellent teacher and great at cuing to get you into proper form with each movement. I may not be a #fitness expert but I know what works to combat back pain! — at Renegade Pilates. #fitnessfirst #fitatfifty #followthetoes


Renegade Pilates 649 NE 79th St., Miami, Florida Call (786) 423-6027

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